CPM Canary Message

This message will be updated every 2 weeks.

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 This is the Canadian Pill Market canary message. Generated on: 2022-09-13 23:45:27 EST It will be replaced every two weeks. Latest Blockchain block: 754021 Latest Block hash: 000000000000000000050b094d07b6cd2802dfed8fd495f3f1b51d80bae6aab8 If this file remains unchanged after 2022-09-27 11:59:59 EST, those in control of the infrastructure may be incapacitated and/or the public systems may have been taken over / seized. The key used to sign this message is kept isolated from the public. CONTINUE READING IF THE CANARY HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED. This site cannot continue to run without admins. Do not make any deposits or purchases! In the event of catastrophy, we will do our best to post an update. However, that may not be possible. When a new signed message is published, it will include whether the problem has been resolved. There are many backups of the PGP key used to sign these messages, so do not believe any statement asserting the key was lost. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEkS3gZL+ERn2KelIcgEmfnuffDP0FAmMhTmoACgkQgEmfnuff DP1Z5w/8D0LT0qJ40FP1CAgUy78iC5XTIvaQPZrTPqRL50dlEan/ein6BbX/1iZn S0o+QDEBsDYf3zOKNTbyM7vS0ekIor68i/mt8fPAcd5CgNhI0kfE2ea0X3VlB2rK pTCw7lUg/klm91neQUdkxJRm4pAzmlpSt5PZW+cSy43/7yUe9OE/R6i8+QyUxMf/ z6CO+dDWRRUfw58mCGP45H+nrsqg53weqWg7Alo1l8uFF45swCp9uz5xj6ovv5Fq 9mljt6hDsd4kftH4LSliOKL1ur5pmkhUtRFJ1zmLzfAocdKCwPQFUOa2NipsbfaW 52ptgetpxMXPMS12GuvbCFtZLBlwJdk57SjBolePBcmyBx60Yvl9JPPPXyTWQREF okxXF3HTp/EPLyWpzyPjmzQwvBBOqtRDlptGNw5r9DLmmmHFSBrcYSIjQl03yaBP pzF7VfTV0hTrhJ3sYy+Iahkj+YaG0x804EMKeJc6Ev3KiLxgINS6g47M+1eVF0Ii HUFhZvivhgttK6IOWFguTaVDb6fC5hiNMP28PuNrnZNDm99qOzQF9LLCu9PZ6pnY Echp8R/QGO7+MxeWkXTQ8kywAmpSwx7rR0JDuekvSPcEQ+ezqWfciKDGN6YYmLqr V+K0l4cStOtbbGVN1zD+WCvODzJwIMCW/3OD8MTktTJZFtnSM4k= =vJhF -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----